Install yourself a set of Landscape Lights

Install yourself a set of Landscape Lights

Install yourself a set of Landscape Lights
Dig the ground

Designing the distribution of bulbs and mark with chalk or something on the ground.
Dig a trench of 30 cm. depth. check this site  Landscape lighting el paso and also this one

Landscape Lighting El Paso

Landscape Lighting to install by yourself
Don’t ruin the Garden:
Support a plastic sleeve on the strip of grass that is withdrawn, so that once the operation is finished, to return to the same position. To pass under a strip or road concrete, hammering down the tube of PVC until you reach the other side.This is landscape lighting

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Put blocks of concrete as bases
For distribution boxes or to base of bulbs, you can use blocks of 20 x 20 x 20 cms.
Rest on the floor to the desired height.
Climb the conduit by the middle of the block.
Tie or fix the conduit in place. Best Landscape Lighting

Fill the interior of the block with a mixture of cement and let dry.
Say the sealed box of distribution against the wall
All connecting cables must reach a watertight distribution box. Learn more here Landscape Lighting Design El Paso
From there you can go with wires up to a box of distribution of weather with switch, towards a focus or another distribution box.
Waterproof case

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It is a box that is used on the outside, since all connections are completely watertight, have rubber seals that must be cut to fit the conduit.

Process to install yourself a set of landscape Lights

If you don’t have a wall or any vertical element of support to the distribution box, with a block of cement will be well supported.
Install the weather box and the distribution
The most typical is that cables will reach a distribution box in a conduit of PVC buried in the ground or mounted on the wall.
From this distribution, through another conduit box, wires go up to a box of weather located at a comfortable height for a switch.
Weatherproof housing can accommodate switches and plugs, depending on the focal points and the total project requirements.
From weatherproof box then again down wires to head towards the focus or the following box.
Weatherproof box

So that the switches or plugs are insurance abroad, it must use a special box that has the seals so that they are completely sealed and protected from rain and moisture. There are different capabilities to put one or more switches and Sockets. beautiful landscape lighting LED based