How choose the best Christmas pine

How choose the best Christmas pine
Do you have to replace the tree this Christmas? Because you can not miss these tips to get the perfect Christmas pine for your home.
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Tips for choosing Christmas pine. Tips to choose the best Christmas pine. The best choice when buying a Christmas pine
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Select the most appropriate Christmas pine following these tips.
Tips for choosing the best Christmas pine.
The size of Christmas pine.
Choose a natural or artificial Christmas pine?.
Aesthetics when choosing Christmas pine.
The practicality of Christmas pine.
The quality and durability of Christmas pine.
How to choose Christmas pine: verticality and price.
How choose the best Christmas pine
Tips for choosing the best Christmas pine
We often tend to choose Christmas pine based on the offers provided to us by the market. It is also quite common Christmas tree lasts for years and years, perhaps even gifted by a family member that has changed his. But sometimes we have the good sense to create a special fund, a savings with a specific goal. If you have some extra funds, we can improve the purchase and choose a Christmas pine more suited to our tastes.
There are some considerations to keep in mind when looking for this more than a decorative element in the Christmas festivities.
The size of Christmas pine

He is often considered a great and very high pine Christmas tree is good signal of status. However, the choice of the size should be depending on the space of room and the site in which we will place it. The first step, then, is to decide where located Christmas tree.
It scans if you look on the floor a foot, or also on a table or furniture. Calculates that the tip of the pine must be a head above the highest member of the family, with no less 50 cm of separation with the ceiling, and without obstacles that disturb him, such as light or others. Sometimes, by opulent to be the room, due to its location will be more convenient a pine of 80 cm high, one of 2 m high.
Choose a natural or artificial Christmas pine?

In Latin countries is usually opt for artificial pine trees of different colors and styles. But if you prefer, take advantage of one natural well tapered, accompanying you throughout the year. Grow it in a very broad, large pots, located on a wheeled platform, to allow your scroll inside the home at the time of the celebration.
Aesthetics when choosing Christmas pine

Traditional Christmas pine is green, leafy and conical, made up of many well bushy branches. However, today in the market can find artificial pine trees in different colors and styles, including aggregates, special forms of optical fibers, with snowy effects and others. Select the aesthetics according to your taste, but also on the basis of the prevailing decoration in the home. A blue Christmas pine can be an interesting option, but may not look quite right in a room decorated in rustic or classic styles.
The practicality of Christmas pine

Natural pine can be simply transferred to the garden in the rest of the year. Artificial pine, for its part, must be acquired also taking into account the practicality of its guardian. Today there are very leafy pines with mobile branches that can be retracted into the trunk, making the tree out of use a simple roll we keep inside your box. There are also detachable in two or three levels, enabling his guardian: a whole pine tree that retains its conical shape is very difficult to save.
The quality and durability of Christmas pine

Although a pine may be economic, analyze it in its quality. The savings you can achieve this Christmas may be impaired on Christmas day following, if you must replace the pine have lost limbs or its ‘leaves’.
To analyze it, takes the hairs that make the times of leaves and throw them gently. Drag your finger up and under the artificial branches, to confirm that they will not disarm or fall.
How to choose Christmas pine: verticality and price

Before paying the pine, remove it from its box and assemble it in the store. Check to make sure that its base has good structure and stability, and pine to retain a perfect verticality to reassemble it. It can the seller put face of boredom, but it’s your Christmas pine, and you must make sure that it is perfect.
The cost of a Christmas pine is generally high, so we tend to lean toward the lower numbers. But if you explore the market, shops and outside shopping malls, you can find best prices in more appropriate articles.
Remember that, if you choose a good quality Christmas pine, this expenditure shall be made no more than once or twice in your life. It is worth making a good investment that will be network